A well-timed through pass can cut a pertahanan wide open up and set a forward on his means towards goal through a clear possibility to score.

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What this conference is about

The through pass.Beating defenders.

What come think about

Players must:

Look for spaces in the opponent’s defence.Use “checking” movement to create space.Make runs turn off the ball and time milik mereka runs to stay onside.Pass the nol into the space and not to a team mate’s feet.Concentrate on weight and also accuracy that the pass.


Warm upSessionDevelopmentsGame SituationWarm Down
10 minutes15 minutes15 minutes10-15 minutes5-10 minutes

What you gain your football player to do

Mark the end a square through cones and also put a player on every corner. Each player is positioned hanya in prior of dari mereka cone (except because that the passer beginning the exercise). A passes to B.

B return the pass, sebelum spinning about the exterior of his cone to get a v pass native A that travels past the within of the same cone, as displayed in the top picture. B kemudian repeats the drill with C and also so on. Repeat in the contrary direction.


B was standing in prior of his cone and also returns a pass from A before running roughly the cone to receive a through pass.


Set up three large cones, each 2 yards apart, in line through a goal a farther 20 yards away. Include a “server” cone 10 yards bagian belakang from the three cones.

One striker stands in ~ the centre of the three cones, with four players at the server cone. Use one keeper, v the continuing to be players stood to one next of the goal in the “goalkeeper queue”.

To begin, a server overcome to the striker, that passes bagian belakang before spinning approximately the external of one of the external cones. The server, who have to move maju slightly before making the through pass, slides a with pass between the pair of cones farthest from the striker.

The striker runs on come the pass and tries come score past the keeper. After ~ the shot, the striker joins the bagian belakang of the goalkeeper queue, the keeper joins the server queue, and also the server becomes the lanjut striker, and a new keeper ambil up the function for the lanjut attack.

To progress, do the same kerja but the striker’s pergerakan allows that to lose an imagine “defender”, receive a pass from a server, turn and make a through pass with either void in the cones to the server. The server, who has run about the exterior of among the outermost pyramid cones, now untuk mengambil a shot in ~ goal.


A striker combines through a server to obtain a v pass and bawa pulang a shot in ~ goal.

Game situation

Play a five-a-side game (including keepers) in an area through two 10-yard finish zones. Teams play in the central zone. Both teams shot to do a with pass into the finish zone for a team girlfriend to operation on to try and score a goal.

The offside preeminence must be used and the team the scores paling goals wins.

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Teams try to thread a with pass to a striker in the finish zone for a shot in ~ goal.