So… ns heard a Boba shortage would be keep going soon, so i thought, maafkan saya better time to bagikan my 3 INGREDIENTS just Brown sugar Boba recipe that is fun and also easy to make at home.

Chewy, sweet, addicting Brown street Boba is basic recipe the only requires a few simple ingredients. I usage to make these v my mother as a child as a fun weekend activity, something about homemade boba that is super satisfying! make these Brown sugar Boba in bulk and freeze them for approximately 1 month! 


Boba was designed in Taiwan in the 1980s and has to be the paling popular dessert ever before since!

Growing increase in Taiwan, i drink Boba tea at the very least 2-3 waktu a week. Girlfriend can uncover Boba at night markets, in restaurants, food stalls, basically every corner; someone is marketing Boba (Boba Heaven). 

When I first immigrated to Canada, over there was just a grasp of Boba Tea shops. Ns remember taking the bus for 45 minutes just to have some Boba Tea downtown!

It is funny just how sometimes you don’t realize what you bawa pulang for granted until you shed it. Luckily currently Vancouver is blessed with remarkable Boba shops, therefore I selalu get mine cravings satisfied. 


Brown street Boba has ini adalah the brand-new hype, and also I am totally for it!

Not only is that visually appealing, yet it is juga super delicious. To obtain the beautiful “tiger pattern” you view at famous Bubble Tea Shops, you must make certain to warmth up the brown sugar just before it becomes caramelized. This procedure will do your house smell AMAZING. I love walking right into a dessert shop and also smelling new boba gift prepare.

I am enjoy it my Brown street Boba this particular day with milk and also steeped red tea; however, you can tambahan use various other tea such as Oolong and Green Tea. Alternatively, friend can tambahan pair through smoothies or any flavor of your choice. Let me recognize if you want me to bagikan more recipes with you! 


All you should make Brown sugar Boba is 3 an easy INGREDIENTS – Tapioca Starch, Water, and Brown Sugar.

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ns am using Taiwanese Brown Sugar this particular day to provide it an really caramel flavor. That is more of a powder consistency, for this reason it also melts faster. If you nothing live close to a local oriental supermarket, friend can also use secara teratur brown sugar together well, but the boba will turn out slightly lighter in color. 


I will not lie; produksi Brown sugar Boba at residence is supervisor time-consuming.

That is why I extremely recommend making Boba bulk and also freezing them come make her time precious it. That is supervisor easy; it hanya takes time. Ns love membuat these v my mom, because comparable to wrapping dumplings, the is a funny bonding kerja you have the right to do through your loved ones! 


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60g Brown Sugar 80ml that Water 

Brown sugar Glaze 

½ cup the Brown Sugar 

Milk Tea 

2 Red Tea Bags 1/2 cup that MilkIce 
Turn the warmth to medium-high and keep stirring until it becomes a thick and sticky consistency. Turn the warm off, and add in the remaining tapioca starch. Mix till slightly cooled down and to water onto a clean surface. (Not everything will be mixed well, yet it’s ok)
Once the is for sure to knead (warm), knead until it becomes a smooth consistency v no lumps. This process takes around 5 minutes. If the is too sticky, girlfriend can include in a little of bit more Tapioca Starch, but make sure to save kneading.
Cut right into 4 pieces. Role out each piece and cut it into kecil pieces.

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The size counts on how huge you choose your pearls to be. The pearls do expand a little bit when you cook them.Roll the pieces right into a nol and coat v tapioca starch. At this point, you deserve to freeze the tapioca balls in the freezer for as much as 1 month.Boil a big pot of water and also once whatever is simmering, include in the tapioca starch. Permit it chef on medium heat because that 25 minutes. Make sure to stir occasionally, so it no stick to the bottom. After ~ 25 minutes, placed the lid on, rotate the warm off and let it remainder for lagi 15 minutes. (If you prefer your boba to it is in on the softer side, simmer because that an extra 5 minutes, and rest for lainnya 5 minutes.)
Drain the boba and also let it rest in dingin water until ready to use.To make the thick brown street glaze. In a pot, include in ½ cup that brown sugar and turn the warmth up come medium. Heat the brown sugar and mix for 2-3 minutes or till slightly melted. Include in drained boba and also mix it spins it becomes a thick consistency, around lagi 2-3 minutes.
Using two tea bags, steep ¼ cup the tea. In a cup, add in the brown street boba, swirl the brown sugar boba about the cup, for this reason it pipeline a tiger pattern. Include in steep tea, ice, and also milk. Enjoy!