Both wheel should have actually either been painted in Red or Black

Honda has actually revealed the to update 2021 model year CBR150R, with brand-new paint schemes, in Thailand.

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The entry-level fully faired motorcycle have the right to now be had actually in any type of of the complying with colour options – hitam with Orange, Grey with Red, Matte warna hitam with Red and Red v Black, in the southeast oriental country.

Although the classic Red colour melakukan suit the bicycle more, the Grey v Red repaint scheme v the Red prior wheel and underbelly cowl and also CBR logo in Yellow, does stand out.

Of course, for those who prefer all points black, there is the Matte warna hitam option to choose from as well.

Overall, the bike’s styling has actually not changed. It continues to sports the dobel LED headlight swarm with led DRLs, a windscreen, mirrors mounted on the fairing, a sculpted fuel tank, split seats and a sharp (and high-set) tail section.

Bikers who choose a committed riding attitude will tambahan like this motorcycle what with the low-set handlebar and also rear-set foot pegs. Also, over there is a full-LCD digital cluster.

No hardware alters have to be made and thus, it continues to sports telescopic forks in ~ the front and also a monoshock in ~ the rear (both are adjustable), there are petal-type key brakes with the alternative of ABS.

Riding top top 100-section front and also 130-section behind tyres, the 2021 Honda CBR150R weighs 135 kg overall.

Powering the motorcycle is a 149cc single-cylinder liquid-cooled engine that buatlah a maximum of 17.1 PS in ~ 9000 RPM and also 14.4 Nm peak torque output at 7000 RPM. It come mated come a 6-speed transmission.

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Priced in ~ Thai Baht 99,700 (Rs. 2.44 lakhs), the Yamaha R15 rival is unlikely to be introduced in India at any time soon.

2021 Honda CBR150R

Honda has actually updated the CBR150R for the 2021 model yearIt come with new paint schemes with the updateThe motorcycle is i can not qualify to be launched in India
The engine puts out 17.1 PS of best power
The black colour is for itu who prefer less attention
At 135 kg, it melakukan not weigh a lot
Sadly, we will not see it acquire launched in India